HotelCom is a SMS contact system developed and licensed by Channel Mobile specifically for the hospitality industry.

The system automatically imports a file from Micros’ Opera System to allow for the sending of generic or personalised SMS’s, thereby increasing customer contact and service for hotels.

HotelCom will create an open communication channel between the service provider and the guest, providing booking information and also value-add or marketing information to an opt-in list.  It will also allow the guest to easily communicate the pros and cons of their stay.

Replies with guest comments can be followed up on and resolved, creating repeat customers and positive word of mouth.

System Requirements

Hotelcom functions as an automated SMS system via FTP. The only requirement is the Opera Management System from Micros.

There is also a web based front end for hotel employees to create ad hoc SMS Marketing campaigns.


The HotelCom SMS System includes different messaging options, namely:

Automated SMS Messaging: Data is extracted from Opera and FTP’d to our SMS gateway for processing and delivery to handset. Automated messaging includes:

Manual SMS Messaging: An in-house guest list is extracted from Opera and FTP’d to our SMS gateway. We store the mobile numbers on the HotelCom dashboard. This allows an employee to log into the web based system and manually send the SMS’s to the guests. The manual SMS  includes:

The Manual SMS Messages (Mid-Morning and Lunch) provide the Marketing Plan Coordinator or General Manager with an easily accessible in-house guest list. This allows them to send a variety of messages to guests. This could include dinner specials for the hotel restaurant, hotel events, service notifications etc.

HotelCom carries a multitude of further features which are included in the standard product offering:

The web application allows the user to:


A detailed, step by step user manual is available for download:

HotelCom User Guide

If you are still experiencing problems please feel free to contact our help desk on 0860 104 671 or

Author: channeladmin on May 7, 2012