MessageMate is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business by using SMS to directly communicate appointments, greetings and messages to all your clients.

The system incorporates a facility to SMS each of your clients individually with a personalized message (e.g. “Please remember your appointment on the 21st May with Dr Smith at 08:30am.”) or to send all your clients the same message ( e.g. “Compliments of the season from all at Dr Smith’s practice.”) quickly and inexpensively.

This system is specifically aimed at assisting the small business in: holding onto revenue by lowering appointment attrition rate, servicing customers regularly and increasing their loyalty by direct communication to the client (greetings, bills etc).

System Requirements

To use AppointMate, your computer must have one of the following Windows operating systems:
Windows 98 • Windows NT • Windows 2000 Professional • Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition

Your computer must also meet the following minimum requirements.
Entry level Pentium/Celeron • 32 MB of RAM • 8 MB of available hard disk space
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive • 56 K Standard Modem • An Internet Dial-Up Connection



A detailed, step by step user manual is available for download:

MessageMate User Guide

Once you have downloaded and saved the user guide off to a location on your PC please unzip the file. You can then open the index.html file to view the User Guide locally on your PC.

Microvet clients who are wanting to send Vaccination Reminders via SMS are free to peruse our step by step tutorial walking you through the process:

Channel Mobile Microvet SMS User Guide

If you are still experiencing problems please feel free to contact our help desk on 0860 104 671 or for assistance.


I am unable to send SMS’s from the MessageMate system.

Troubleshooting should always take the following format on MessageMate as there are a limited amount of errors that will occur all with the same solution.

If all above solutions don’t work then please contact Channel Mobile support on 0860 104 671 or

How do I create a template in Message Mate?


How do I find the mail server settings on my PC?


MessageMate download: MessageMate V

Author: channeladmin on May 7, 2012