SMS-eT is Channel Mobiles travel specific SMS application. The project was a joint venture with Galileo and Travelsoft. The application runs seamlessly within Galileo’s booking system which is used by more than 80% of South African travel agencies.

A travel agent can SMS travel information relating to a clients booking. This is done by clicking on the SMS-eT icon within an active booking. The agent can decide which information they do not want to be sent by simply un-checking tick boxes. Once they are happy with the send they simply click on the Send SMS button and all travel information is delivered to the traveler’s mobile phone.

Flights (including meals, seat data and terminals), E Tickets, Hotel Bookings (including addresses and contact details), Car Rental plus emergency contact details of the travel agency can be SMS’d directly from Galileo to a mobile phone.

SMS-eT also implements automated tasks such as Birthday wishes, passport renewal reminders and pre- and post-trip messages.


User Functionality:

SMS Message Functionality

Flight Information:

Electronic Ticket Information:

Hotel Information:

Car Information:

Other Segment Information:

General SMS Messages:

Administrative User Functionality

Bulk SMS Messages:

System Generated Messages:

Birthday Messages:

Passport Renewal Messages:

Message Logging:

Message Delivery Notifications:

Message Replies:

System Requirements

Galileo and an internet connection.


Please feel free to contact our help desk on 0860 104 671 or for assistance.


How do I send a General SMS Message as opposed to an active PNR?


How do I change the Emergency Number for my Travel Agency?


How do I create administrator rights in SMS-eT?


Delivery reports for a SMS send are not e-mailed back to my Inbox?


I have loaded a traveler and entered the date of birth and the passport expiry date, however the traveler does not receive either of the messages?


My SMS button has disappeared from Galileo?


I am trying to send a single or bulk SMS and an error has appeared saying ‘Failed to connect to SMS Gateway’? Then a second error appeared saying ‘Failed to send SMS message’?


How do I view Scheduled and Pre & Post Trip SMS details?


Scheduled messages are not able to be viewed as they are posted to the gateway a day or two before they are due to be sent. The gateway then stores them until the date/time comes for them to be sent.

The log will only show when scheduled messages were posted, it will not show to who and what time the SMS is scheduled for. The reason for this is that the post is a batch message post.

If the scheduled date is within the next 5 days, they are posted to the gateway automatically, and the PNR and message type is stored in the database. Any re sends on the same PNR within the next 5 days will be not be posted as a pre / post message already has been posted.

If the scheduled date is after the next 5 days, then the PNR and message date is stored in the database until the next SMS scheduled date post is done, which will be 5 days before the message date.

Any changes in the PNR with regards to Pre / Post scheduled dates and times will be updated until the time comes for the message to be posted.

I need to change the pre and post trip SMS delivery time from 1 hour before and after flight.


How do I access the SMS-eT log file to view the SMS History?


SMS-eT stores a log file of the past 30 days SMS’s for the Travel Agency for troubleshooting reasons.

To Email the Log file:

Author: channeladmin on May 7, 2012